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UPVC Pipes For


  • Water supply & drainage systems
  • Soli, Waste & Vent (SWV) systems
  • Underground Sewerage System
  • Telecom Cable Networks
  • Electrical Installation ducts


UPVC Raingutters


  • Corrosion Resistance

UPVC pipes do not corrode and are non-conductors of electricity and unaffected by electrochemical reactions caused by acids, alkalies that corrosion in metals. In this respect, UPVC pipes are prefect material for underground sewerage, telecommunication cables and electrical installation ductings.


  • Light Weight

UPVC pipes are generally ¼ of the equivalent cast iron pieps / cement pipes. Thus, the costs of transportation, handling and installation are less costly and easier.


  • High Flow Rate

UPVC pipes have extremely smooth wall surfaces that reduce fluid friction and increase flow rates. This excellent hydraulic characteristic will lead to lower pumping costs.


  • Flame Resistance

UPVC Pipes are self extinguishing and are difficult to ignite.


  • Chemical Resistance

UPVC pipes exhibit high resistance to a wide range of chemical reaction. The smooth wall surface also prevents algae, bacteria and fungi formation inside the pipes.


  • High Impact Strength

UPVC pipes possess relatively high resistance to impact damage when compared to pipes made from other materials.


  • Costs effectiveness

UPVC pipes are widely accepted as the most economical and reliable engineering product offering and alternative to pipes manufactured from other traditional materials. The expected life of UPVC pipes are over 50 years normal service.


Your PVC Piping Solution Specialist

Nulogictec Industries Sdn Bhd (NGC) was established in 1991

We are primarily engaged in the manufacturing of UPVC pipes and raingutters in northern Malaysia. Our factory is located at Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah, Malaysia, which is adjacent to Malaysia/Thailand’s border. We market our products under the brand name as “NGC”. Our product are approved and licensed by SIRIM Berhad (Standard of Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) which determines principle of standardization in light of the accelerating industrial development.


With our years of experiences and trained workforce, we are able to provide our customers with high quality services, in term of delivery, reliability and comprehensive product range.

Certified to brand NGC

NGC products have been tested and certified to conform to the relevant standard specifications and are licensed by SIRIM to use the top mark for quality. The granting of the top mark also confirms that the company’s manufacturing, testing and quality control systems comply with the stringent licensing requirements and thus ensure product quality is consistently maintained.

MS 1034 : 2013

UPVC Conduit For Underground Telecomunication Cables

MS 628 : PT.1 : 1999

Unplasticized PVC (UPVC) Pipes For Water Supply

MS 1063 : 2002

UPVC Pipes For Soil And Waste Discharge (low and high temperature) Within The Building Stucture

MS 979 : PT.1 : 1985

UPVC Pipes For Non-Pressure Underground Drainage and Sewerage.

BS 3056 : 1969

UPVC Pipes For Industrial Application

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